Sticks The Landing

Earlier this week I followed this egret as it flew in low just over the marsh reeds which were lit by warm setting sunlight. I was extremely impressed by the perfect landing plus I particularly liked those fluffed up neck and chest feathers at the end! 🙂 

Egret Flying Into Salt Marsh

Egret Flying Into Salt Marsh

Egret Flying Into Salt Marsh

Egret Flying Into Salt Marsh

52 thoughts on “Sticks The Landing

  1. Gorgeous, Phil! I envy you for the beautiful white in your air. We have white in the air here, too, but it’s not spelled egret. It’s spelled blizzard!

  2. While I like them all, I am impressed with the first image as it is a great angle to show the front flight position, wing spread and the head and neck not overlaying the rest of the bird so you get a good 3D angle of the view. I like it a lot anyhow. Great series!

  3. I totally love all your photos! So glad I met you at the park and got your card so I could find this blog. It is super!

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