Odd Couple

This afternoon I was quite surprised to see a night heron standing on the edge of the marsh pond. I don’t normally see night herons at this time of day, and I also don’t usually see one just standing out in the open like this.

A white ibis joined the heron a short time later and clearly the night heron was not at all pleased about having to share his spot with an ibis…in fact he seemed a bit grumpy about it! Now I thought the ibis looked like a very nice, well behaved bird, but what do I know? Once the ibis moved off, the mood of the night heron seemed to improve although I do have to admit it is kind of tough to tell.  🙂 

Night Heron on the Edge of the Marsh Pond

Night Heron on the Edge of the Marsh Pond

Night Heron on the Edge of the Marsh Pond

33 thoughts on “Odd Couple

  1. Phil, I look forward each and every day to viewing your daily post from the marsh. You have no idea just how much I enjoy your photographs AND your commentaries. Even though I rarely comment, please know that your efforts of going to the marsh daily, waiting and waiting some more to get a good image, your site work and your consistent management of your time and photography is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing. My daily visits via your daily email makes my heart sing!

  2. I too love my daily visits to your website. Your photos are always superb and I am so thankful to have found your blog.
    You bring much pleasure with your nature photos.
    Thank you so much.

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