Unusual Arrival

Earlier this week I was watching a group of white pelicans that were floating around and feeding in the marsh pond. Suddenly I saw a different large white bird come gliding into the scene… it turned out to be, of all things, a swan! At first I thought it might have been a tundra swan but no, this was in fact a juvenile mute swan who had not yet grown into it’s adult all white plumage.

It is odd to see a swan in the marsh but perhaps this youngster saw the white pelicans and thought they might be his parents. 🙂

Also note a great blue heron on the left, watching with interest as the scene unfolded. 

White Pelicans and Swan

18 thoughts on “Unusual Arrival

    • That swan is *still* hanging around in the marsh pond. Today one white pelican came in and the swan followed it around possibly thinking it was his mother. 🙂
      There were blue herons all over the place but they left the young swan alone.

    • There has been an interesting variety over at the marsh lately. The cold weather brought in the ducks but egrets and herons are all over too. We had one white pelican show up today which was cool.
      Glad you liked this pic!

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