Woody Makes A Brief Appearance

Yesterday afternoon I was surprised to see this one lone wood stork fishing in the marsh pond all by itself. Normally the wood storks are here in Summer months, and normally in groups rather then alone. He was right in front of me and very close when IΒ went over to grab a few shots, but very suddenly he burst up out of the water and took off!

The wood stork did one quick loop around overhead before flying out across the salt marsh. I wonder if I’ll be seeing this unusual winter visitor again any time soon?Β 

Wood Stork Leaves The Marsh Pond

Wood Stork Leaves The Marsh Pond

Wood Stork Leaves The Marsh Pond

Wood Stork Leaves The Marsh Pond

Wood Stork Leaves The Marsh Pond

34 thoughts on “Woody Makes A Brief Appearance

  1. Vaguely turkey vulture-like head! I have an instant affinity for him, because he’s odd! Between his head, his bill, and his feet…. Beautiful colors on the his body in the fly off.

  2. They look really prehistoric, like what might have flown in dinosaur times. A bit homely like our turkey vultures, although really interesting looking. But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I bet the nestlings are really funny looking. I know as beautiful as cockatoos are, the babies are not so adorable. Beautiful captures and it looks like you had a perfect position.

  3. What great action pictures, Phil! Do they migrate and, if so, could something have occurred, or the bird been too young, to go with the others? I hope it doesn’t spend all winter on its own!

  4. Thanks for letting me see the wood stork up close. I never saw one in such detail. Not really a pretty fellow, but still very interesting. Love the shot in flight with the legs stretched out straight behind.

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