Nice To See You Too!

It’s always a fun time when our good pal Mr. A makes an appearance, and when he popped up in the swamp a while back, he seemed happy as always to see me. Well… at least I *think* he was happy to see me, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to tell for sure.  🙂 

Mister Alligator in the Swamp

37 thoughts on “Nice To See You Too!

  1. Phil, If he popped up early last week, he was probably thinking “what’s up with cold weather”? Thanks!

    • Yes they can potentially be seen at all times of the year, especially if we get a warmer day with sun. They do not hibernate in a strict sense, they slow way down doing very little activity and do not eat during the winter. By April they will start back up being regular alligators again.

    • I agree, but the problems set in when we start giving him all sorts of awards, then he gets all full of himself and the next thing you know… 😯
      Thanks for checking out this photo of Mr. A!

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