Warm Sun

This American Mink from awhile back paused for a moment toย enjoy the warm sun on it’s face and then scampered off to continue along with his day…

American Mink Along the Marsh

56 thoughts on “Warm Sun

  1. Meant to be nasty creatures aren’t they? But you could say that about most of us … Bit of a poser mind! I like the light too, shows him off beautifully and the plant to the right looks so ethereal

    • I know they have sharp teeth so I wouldn’t want one very mad at me. But that could be said about most birds, animals, and people as you say. I have heard that they can really do a job on a pond full of fish so people living on ponds sometimes don’t like the mink if they like the fish. But so it goes in nature I suppose.
      Thanks for looking.

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