Mister Hoodie

This male hooded merganser was among the group that had to scramble to get out of the way of the incoming white pelican earlier this week.

It seems like the whole experience might have got this fellow a bit flustered…but it’s always hard to tell with hoodies because they are wacky little ducks and at times quite comical! 

Hoodie in the Marsh Pond

Hoodie in the Marsh Pond

Hoodie in the Marsh Pond

Hoodie in the Marsh Pond

48 thoughts on “Mister Hoodie

    • They really are quite skittish and I only got these shots because they did not realize I was there. As soon as I moved they quickly paddled away.
      That mussed up head feather shot is kinda funny. 🙂

  1. The little fellow is cute, but I love how you captured the various shades of blue in the water and his reflections as well.
    The “waves” that he created made it even better.

  2. Well, I think they’re cute AND comical looking. Awesome shots of the little guy. As some of your other guests have mentioned, I really liked the picture of the one with his hood all frazzled… kinda quacked me up. ;o)
    Enjoy your weekend, Phil!

  3. He is both quite handsome and very silly looking. What an extra cute little guy! His change of hairstyle was super funn! 🙂 Love the plumage detail.

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