Job Well Done

Yesterday afternoon my attention was momentarily diverted from watching the white pelicans and hoodies when I saw this bald eagle come gliding in from the salt marsh. The eagle did a wide circle around while keeping those sharp eyes open for what might be available down below to potentially snatch.

He then swooped down low over the marsh pond sending a large group of ducks scattering in a full blown panic. But rather then attempt to grab one of the ducks, the eagle landed on a post at the edge of the pond and screeched at the ducks as they flew away. Once that was taken care of he stood there with a look of great satisfaction on his face for that accomplishment! 

Bald Eagle Chases Ducks From Pond

Bald Eagle Chases Ducks From Pond

Bald Eagle Chases Ducks From Pond

Bald Eagle Chases Ducks From Pond

Bald Eagle Chases Ducks From Pond

Bald Eagle Chases Ducks From Pond

43 thoughts on “Job Well Done

  1. Phil
    We will be coming down your way. When is the best month to see the birds that you post. We are nature photographers and would like to get some shots of the birds down that way. We live in the upstate of Sc.

    • Bob right now it’s hit or miss and it’s especially tough when cold like this. July and August are good because the spoonbills should be in and of course the always fun alligators.

  2. Phil, Perhaps he had “dined out” earlier and as you indicated, was now just looking for a little entertainment.

  3. That had to be one heck of a racket — and quite an assertion of “I’m here, so look out!” 🙂 He’s beautiful!

    • I’m convinced this eagle just enjoys being a pain in the neck by swooping over the ducks to get them to scatter. He does it because he can. They are impressive birds though, not to hear the ducks tell it of course. 🙂

    • I just continue to be amazed at how often they will glide over the water with no apparent thoughts of grabbing anyone but content that their mere presence can scatter hundreds of smaller birds.

    • Oh those ducks were definitely trying to maintain a low profile. They seemed to always be looking on both sides of themselves hoping the ‘other guy’ would get plucked and not me. Yikes!

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