Yesterday afternoon this cormorant who was fishing under water in the marsh pond, popped up right in the midst of six huge white pelicans. Cormorants can travel a distance under water when searching out a meal and I bet this one was more then a little surprised when he surfaced in front of this group! 


35 thoughts on “Surrounded!

    • It seems as if nothing really bothers the white pelicans. Earlier, the bald eagle glided overhead a few times always scattering the ducks and other small birds. But the large pelicans paid no attention.

    • That’s pretty much exactly what he said and did Sylvia. 🙂
      The funny thing about these two species is that both are after fish and I’m not sure if the cormorants attract the pelicans or it it’s the reverse. But so it goes with the flock mentality, one bird always thinks the other bird knows what it’s doing. 🙂

    • The photo would have been more funny if the cormorant had a fish in his yap. We can’t have everything I suppose but that doesn’t stop me from wanting everything.
      Thanks and glad you liked this shot.

    • Well the white pelicans are social enough within their own group, they don’t seem to ever bother smaller birds like the ducks but then again they pay almost no attention at all to other birds. We have had an immature mute swan in the pond and the pelicans ignored it.

  1. What a great arrangement! Talk about being in the right place at the right time to caputre this! The cormorant looks very cute there before “the council”! 🙂

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