Incoming Flight

Earlier this week I watched an adult brown pelican come gliding in from out over the salt marsh. Soon he was joined topside by a friend, then flew solo again across the water. 

Brown Pelicans Fly In

Brown Pelicans Fly In

Brown Pelicans Fly In

28 thoughts on “Incoming Flight

    • Yes they are very nice flyers but when fishing they dive and hit the water like they were just tossed out of a moving vehicle at high speed. Very unlike the fishing technique of the white pelicans.

    • Glad I was able to show you the very interesting brown pelican. These are adults and are no longer very brown, but as juveniles they are mostly brown. I have a series of a juvie brown pelican queued up for posting soon.

  1. Stunning action shots!! Phil, I have to ask… what kind of camera do you use and what type of zoom lens? I’m sure the lens is one that is hugely out of my price range. Your shots are stunning and so crisp. I know you spend a lot of time patiently waiting, and you have an eye for nature photography, but I’m curious about the tools of your trade.

    • During the summer we mostly see brown pelicans from the beach flying in close low above the ocean but then in winter some come off the beach a bit and check out the marsh. Thanks I’m glad you liked these pics!

  2. Hi Phil. I am an artist painter and I would like to use one of your brown Pelican photos as a reference for a piece I am working on. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Frank.

    • Hi Frank, thanks for writing and I appreciate your interest in my photos.
      By all means go ahead and feel free to use the pelican pic as reference for your art.
      Once you have the piece completed I would love to see a picture so if you get a chance email a shot over to me.

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