The Quintet

Earlier this week we had a nice looking group of five white pelicans floating around in the marsh pond. Always love seeing these big guys! 

White Pelican Quintet

33 thoughts on “The Quintet

  1. When I saw this I just shook my head, as in “how on earth does he capture these great arrangements?!” Not only are they “arranged”, but they are arranged neatly size-wise, making a great harmonious shot! Beautiful! Water is lovely, like the muted reflections.

    • It continues to amaze me how these guys will form up into nicely arranged groups. It becomes an odd scene when one breaks away to go on it’s own, which does not happen often.

    • Well I’m very happy you enjoyed this photo and I thought this group was particularly nice looking. sometimes the brown pelicans can be a bit rough around the edges but I suppose they are still nice looking as well. 🙂

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