Unwanted Baggage…

Earlier this week I glanced up and noticed this hawk zipping by quickly above me as I stood on the edge of the marsh. It was not until I looked at the images later that I realized the bird was trailing something behind it. I believe it is fishing line and if that’s the case it may have a hook stuck in it somewhere. Many times I have seen pelicans with hooks and fishing lures stuck in them and that’s often of a result of how they fish and glide low just above the ocean near shore where they get snagged by people surf fishing.

I don’t know how a hawk got snagged but I hope he can work free of it… 

Hawk with Fishing Line

27 thoughts on “Unwanted Baggage…

    • It did seem to be flying well, and I suspect they adapt and deal with such things as long as they can. Either they work free of it or the thing eventually does it in. Often not a good situation though.

    • Yeah fishing seems to be the single most harmful thing for shore birds in our area. We have the ocean and the inlets, marshes and rivers, so we have lots of water and lots of fishing.

    • We often pick up discarded lumps of fishing line with hooks and lures etc. attached that we find on the beach.
      Too much of this ends up impacting wildlife, and possibly humans as well.

  1. The big damage in the UK used to be to swans. My dog picked up a double barbed fish hook on the beach one day, nightmare to get out, because whichever way you pulled it, it would dig in deeper the other way. To this day I don’t know how my partner got it out. Another reason to be glad I don’t eat fish.

    • All the thousands (millions?) of discarded fish hooks have to end up somewhere and you have to figure some are going to cause distress to some person or poor little creature.

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