Pelicans Hit The Salt Marsh

This afternoon I arrived at the salt marsh during high tide and was greeted by a small group of adult brown pelicans actively fishing.  Brown pelicans are elegant flyers but they always seem to risk life and limb utilizing their fishing technique which is to dive head first into the water. However it is always interesting and entertaining to watch these big birds in action! 

Brown Pelicans Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Brown Pelicans Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Brown Pelicans Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Brown Pelicans Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Brown Pelicans Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Brown Pelicans Fishing in the Salt Marsh

56 thoughts on “Pelicans Hit The Salt Marsh

  1. Gull wing Mercedes Benz comes to mind, lol. Very elegant guy! Scary fishing technique. Really striking to see it. That last photo is awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks a bunch for checking these out and for your kind words.
      I have heard that their fishing technique is bad for their eyes and their heads and actually shortens their life span.
      Makes sense, they really blast into that water hard at times.

    • Thanks glad you liked these pelican shots! I had a few opportunities to try to grab some dive shots and I never got exactly what I wanted but did mange to come up with something I could use.

    • Thanks a million, glad you enjoyed these penguin pics. It was a nice distraction from recent events to be out and then have something to concentrate on. At one point I wasn’t sure which one to follow and pay attention to, but that was also the fun in it.

  2. It finally was dry enough and warm enough (45F!) for me to get out to work today, and the pelicans were out in force, too. I’m working next to a large channel right now, that has good tidal action and plenty of fish. My goodness, they were having a wonderful time. How nice to come here and see my friends in such detail – impossible when I’m just watching them on the water.

    • They are a real treat to watch aren’t they?! 🙂
      It was 74 here yesterday but then temps dropped 30 degrees today and then right back to 70s tomorrow. So I might wait for tomorrow to head back out again. 🙂

    • Pretty much every dive they make turns out to be a crash. But even diving into water I understand hurts their heads and eyes and shortens their life spans. Makes sense to me when I see them blast head first into sometimes shallow water.

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