Initiating Landing Procedure

This white ibis really puts on the brakes to prevent a hard landing in the marsh pond last week. It looks like that full wings out position in photo two is the one that significantly drops down the air speed to enable a vertical landing. Nice job by the ibis! 

Ibis Incoming

Ibis Incoming

Ibis Incoming

Ibis Incoming

29 thoughts on “Initiating Landing Procedure

  1. Really love that last photo! The bill and legs/feet stand out so much. What a graceful Ibis, given that those long feet and legs!

    • You make a good point, this bird does seem to be concentrating particularly hard. I believe it was a somewhat gusty day out there so that could certainly come into play.
      Glad you liked these landing photos!

    • I have never seen really young ones, we do often see the brown juveniles that seem to fly as well as the adults but I would expect there is a potentially dangerous learning curve to properly get the technique down which likely involves more then a few crashes. But hey, that’s what kids do. 🙂

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