Wet But Happy

I went over to the marsh today hoping the eagle may be out creating his usual mayhem with the pond ducks but there was nothing at all going on.

So arriving home empty handed got me looking into some file photos I had taken previously, and this mink photo popped up at me. I forgot I even took this picture of a wet mink that just emerged from the marsh with a nice fresh caught fish in his mouth. The little mink was lit by early morning winter sunlight as it paused briefly with it’s catch before scampering off to a nearby den. 

Wet But Happy

34 thoughts on “Wet But Happy

  1. Awesome shot! Great light, you nailed the exposure without blowing any highlight (difficult given the shiny coat), caught with the bounty in its mouth, great composition, razor sharp, and on and on… 🙂
    Outstanding capture.

    • From what I understand they are not welcome around small ponds where people like to maintain a decent fish stock because a few of these little guys can wipe it out. 😯 Of course I like the cute little guys. 🙂

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