“Did I Just See Something?!?”

Yes you did Mr. Great Blue Heron, yes you did.

A while back I was watching this blue heron fishing in the salt marsh when he suddenly whipped his head around and went into full alert stalking mode. Did he see something? Well it turns out that yes indeed he did, because he soon plucked this large fish out of the water. After roughing it up a bit, the heron did eventually manage to get his big meal into place for a head first trip down the gullet.

That fish should fill him up nicely! 

GBH Spots Big Fish

GBH Spots Big Fish

GBH Spots Big Fish

GBH Spots Big Fish

GBH Spots Big Fish

53 thoughts on ““Did I Just See Something?!?”

  1. That’s a huge catch. I really got a kick out of his stylish wet dangling feather(s) in the first shot. Such a great capture of him and his catch!

  2. Have seen GBHs do this many times here in the lowcountry and am always amazed at the size of the fish they capture. But I’ve never seen such a crystal clear series of the actual catch and swallow sequence – typically both the fish and the bird are moving quite a bit so your series is especially amazing. That last photo where they are literally eye-to-eye is really something!

    • I truly appreciate your very kind words and I’m happy you enjoyed these photos!
      It never fails to amaze me what these birds will catch and eat, I have seen a GBH get down an eel the size of baseball bat after an hour long struggle.

  3. I swear to goodness, that fish looks just like some folks I’ve seen at wedding receptions or other fancy gatherings. They spot a new tray of hors d’oeuvres on the way, and there’s no stopping them until they’ve beaten everyone else to the punch (if not the punch bowl). Wonderful series!

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