Places To Go, People To See…

This brown pelican from last week beat a hasty retreat out of the salt marsh. Clearly he had more important business to attend to… 

Brown Pelican Flight Out Of Salt Marsh

Brown Pelican Flight Out Of Salt Marsh

Brown Pelican Flight Out Of Salt Marsh

Brown Pelican Flight Out Of Salt Marsh

45 thoughts on “Places To Go, People To See…

  1. Nice one Phil we got the same shot with the wings forward just a different angle. Too bad there wasnt more happening that day. Oh well next time

    • I see quite a few banded brown pelicans, they get them when they are young. Some of them are rehabs from injuries and some are studies of migratory habits and life span.
      Thanks for checking these out!

  2. I’ve been away…nice to come back to this handsome pelican winging its way across the marsh!! Interesting that he has the brown eyes of a young brown pelican still but the head feathers look adult!! Not sure when the blue eyes appear..only that adults have those.

      • That was one of the first things that surprised me when I started hanging out with birds…that the brown pelicans have the white belly, overall brown, and brown eyes when juvenile and the breeding adults definitely have startling blue eyes, the yellow head. and when really ‘taken’ have the brown colors on the back of the neck, and the bill reddens too. I thought they were two different kinds of pelicans initially. Nature can throw us sometimes just when we think we know things.

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