Salt Marsh Slalom Flight Event

This great blue heron expertly navigates his way through the dry reeds during the final round of the Flight Slalom event at the salt marsh.

If his time holds up, he will be the first blue heron to win the Gold (Fish) in an event where the smaller, lighter, terns and hawks usually dominate! 

GBH Slalom Flight Across Salt Marsh

31 thoughts on “Salt Marsh Slalom Flight Event

  1. It just amazes me how they can navigate through obstacles like they do. Or perhaps to them they aren’t obstacles. In any event, this is an especially beautiful shot. We’ve warmed up, and there are more birds around than I realized. Everyone’s enjoying the weather, and even the non-competitors are out and about!

    • These guys sure know what they are doing out there, and I am continually amazed at some of the tight spots they work themselves in and out of.
      Glad things are improving on your end! 🙂

    • They can zip along pretty well when they put their mind to it.
      I never fail to be amazed at some of the things these birds will attempt to eat, including the winning gold fish medal!

  2. I’m struck by so many of the textures and colors in your shots. He fits in so nicely, even if it is space usually used by smaller birds. Beautiful!

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