“Hey Watch It Pal!!”

This great egret was fishing in the salt marsh recently when a brown pelican suddenly, and unexpectedly, dropped in. This caused the shocked egret to quickly jump out of the way in a bit of a panic.

Notice however, the egret never dropped it’s small snack that it just caught which appears to be a tiny glass shrimp. 

Pelican Drops in on Egret

Pelican Drops in on Egret

Pelican Drops in on Egret

28 thoughts on ““Hey Watch It Pal!!”

  1. No he didn’t, I see he retained throughout these great captures. But he sure does look surprised! 🙂 A BP “dropping in” could cause quite a scene. 😉

  2. We’re just starting to see a few of these egrets out here now that the wetlands are filling up – only some 3-4 months later than normal. Have yet to see a GBH.

    • That’s good news that some of those birds are starting to show up.
      We are expecting even warmer temps here so any time I should see some gator activity! 😯
      I’m hoping anyway. 😀

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