Now THAT’S More Like It!

After yesterday’s post showing the egret in an embarrassing situation, holding on to a tiny shrimp while being scared off by a pelican, I figured it would be a good idea to show the egret in a much more productive mode!

Here he is plucking a nice size fish out of the salt marsh. So now everybody knows the egret is in fact a fearsome hunter and not just a little scaredy cat.

There….I feel better now that that’s taken care of.  🙂 

Egret With Big Fish in Salt Marsh

45 thoughts on “Now THAT’S More Like It!

    • Oh they often rinse off the fish, seriously. They will usually take the fish out of the water with the idea being, if they should happen to drop the fish it can’t swim away if you drop it into mud. But then you are stuck with a muddy fish which they don’t like. A quick rinse usually solves the problem.

    • Thank you Maggie, it was nice to see the egret with a big catch. (Not so nice for the fish though)
      I’m still having a really tough time here and I greatly appreciate you checking in with me.

    • Heh heh, no phony photoshopping ever done on any of my photos, I don’t even know how to do that even if I ever wanted to. 🙂 This egret has the fish speared on the side and looks like his bill is not protruding all the way through.
      Glad you enjoyed the pic and the muddy feet!

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