Little Snack For Little Guy

A snowy egret knocks back a tiny minnow that it just plucked from the salt marsh at low tide. If he manages to catch and eat enough of even these little bitty fish, snowball will get a decent meal out of it. 🙂 

Snowy With Tiny Snack

32 thoughts on “Little Snack For Little Guy

  1. It’s easy to fill up on hors d’oeuvres…I’ve done it often myself. Wonderful shot of the egret with that tiny fish. The angle helps us get a real sense of the relative sizes of the beak and the fish.

    • Yes it does seem like a lot of effort but sometimes going for quantity over quality is the smart move. He could sit and wait for hours for a bigger fish that may never come, or go right for it grabbing as many tiny fish as he can catch in a small amount of time. This guy went for the sure thing.

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