“Thanks For Spoiling My Portrait Dude!”

I was at the edge of the salt marsh watching this cormorant fish when it popped up out of the water and decided to pose for a nice portrait. At the same time a brown pelican came floating into view and totally photo bombed the cormorant’s portrait session which seemed to greatly upset the cormorant! So…he started flapping and splashing water all over the place but once the pelican glided quickly by, the cormorant mostly settled down.

The mood however had now been ruined and the cormorant was no longer interested in having his portrait done. He gave me an indignant look (as if it was my fault) then quickly steamed off to continue fishing in a new location. 

Cormorant Portrait Ruined

Cormorant Portrait Ruined

Cormorant Portrait Ruined

Cormorant Portrait Ruined

Cormorant Portrait Ruined

46 thoughts on ““Thanks For Spoiling My Portrait Dude!”

  1. Che bei ritratti hai fatto al cormorano, non pensavo fosse così bello, quelli che vedo io sono tutti grigi non hanno l’occhio verde e il becco così giallo!!
    Bellissime Phil.
    Ciao, Pat

    • He did seem to be giving me a little bit of an attitude there at the end but I suspect the cormorant was still ticked off by the pelican’s photo bomb.
      Thanks for looking Sylvia!

  2. Love your pelican pictures, I love them, and I miss them. Where abouts are these pictures taken? I had taken pictures of white pelicans, in South Florida, they used to come more inland in the winter, and hang out in the canal right in front, also in the summer I tried at that time to get a picture of this huge Godzilla in my back yard, He was an iguana, but huge and would jump into the canal and swim like a dog with his head above the water, (there were lots of them 3 or 4 yrs ago) I do miss the sea creatures there alot, but after that Gulf Oil Spill I went to the beach and pier last year and saw so many that were gone (pelicans, and, the ocean didnt seem tourquoise anymore, but heard everything is returning — just wondered if your shots were taken in S. Florida, it seems I’m getting sick of snow scenes up here plus the snow…Thanks, Linda 🙂

      • Yes, heard about the coast of South Carolina and its beauty, now I get to see it with you great wild life pictures, I wonder how far up do pelicans travel to, do they also go to the coast of North Carolina do you know?? Been thinking of moving there, sick and tired of the snow and cold up here, although there is wild life up here, I havent seen anything, (way up in NYS near the Erie Canal), yes there are Canadian Geese I guess, but havent seen them either up here, I think the snow and cold has even gotten to them!!! Very strange though, because even in the winter (when i lived down toward NYC, I saw birds, squirrels and white doves even in the winters)..its like a complete ice age winter here, nothing but ice and snow and cold…antilopes, and deer are hiding too…..dont like it much and too far north!!!!
        From one extreme to another, Florida to way upstate NY…thought there would be great photography of wild life up here but seems there is nothing but more and more snow scenes, sick of taking snow scenes….and love animal life…
        Thanks again, and keep up to great work! Linda

        • I used to live in the northeast US and finally had to evacuate that area for a variety of reasons a major one is of course the cold and snow. I only started doing wildlife photography when I moved here, if I was still up north I would be lucky to see pigeons. Now I see spoonbills! Gotta love pink birds. 🙂

  3. Love the green eyes,and the look he gave you or the pelican, and the pelican (love them) like hey could not care less, pelicans are great!!!! and the eyes of the cormorant are beautiful.

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