Some Things Never Change

Well, once again, we see that two snowy egrets are incapable of fishing together in the same area of the salt marsh. One snowy almost always feels compelled to chase off another. I don’t even think that it’s necessarily anything personal, it’s just what they do…snowys being snowys. 

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh

31 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change

  1. Hi Phil, Check out the back birds color around HIS eyes, might have had something in mind besides fighting. Phil Turner Ph

  2. Brilliant composition. Great shots. There are quite a few such birds where I am in Bahrain but it is extremely rare to catch them in flight. I have tried all times of the day to do it. It seems they “travel” only at night! Pity.

  3. That fluffed up top knot says it all. He means it, too! I would definitely want to get out of his patch. 🙂 That’s a great capture of their behavior.

  4. These are not birds, but ballet dancers 😀 Something odd has been going on with my reader. I had to unfollow and follow (a tip a friend gave) to make sure I will be notified about your posts..

    • WP can get a bit twitchy at times, I had not seen anything from some people for a while and thought they stopped posting until I found them again.
      Glad you enjoyed the pics of our feisty snowy friends!

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