You Could Put An Eye Out With That Thing!

This great blue heron came zipping by me so close and so fast I only had a chance to bang off this one frame. It turned out that I captured just the front half of the bird as it flew across the salt marsh but that was the business end!

I’m glad I did not need to go to the hospital Emergency Room and have to explain to the doctor that my injury was the result of a blue heron smacking me with it’s wing as it jetted by! 

GBH Close Fly By

32 thoughts on “You Could Put An Eye Out With That Thing!

  1. Very close, Phil! That bill alone …. I imagine just a tap with that wing could really hurt. It reminds of of when I was skating, the simplest tap of the tiniest part of your hand on a the rink barrier hurt unbelievably bad! It’s that momentum thing. And you would have been the stationary object!

    • I have a motorcycle and one time I was going 70 on the highway when I hit a very large bug square on my chest. You wouldn’t think just a bug would make that much of an impact but it sure did. Rain can sting quite a bit as well.
      Thanks for looking!

  2. You need your eyes to keep providing us such wonderful images. If it happens again, be sure to turn your head so he gets your ear, not your eye. Van Gogh did well as an artist while missing part of his ear.

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