The “Tweener”

The little blue heron is one of my favorite birds, and this immature heron is in the most appealing phase of it’s development. Little blue herons start out as all white juveniles. But by the time they’re a year old, they slowly begin to change into the all blue adult they will eventually become. This in between, or “tweener” phase, when they are a patchwork of blue and white, is when the little blue looks the best in my opinion. 

LBH Tweener Flight Across the Marsh

43 thoughts on “The “Tweener”

    • When they are all white juveniles they look almost identical to regular adult snowy egrets. I have seen groups of snowys and only through careful observation did I realize a young LBH was among the group.
      Once they start getting some blue they are easier to spot.

  1. I’ve seen the mature adults, and I’ve seen the all-white juveniles, with their greenish-blue legs. I’ve never seen the ‘tweener’ stage. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. This adolescent is so super cute. I love this photo. And look how focused and, to me, happy, he is! 🙂 He looks so fresh, with such pretty colors.

    • He was actually flying along at a pretty good clip. The LBHs are often high flyers too, I don’t get a lot of photos of them flying at low water level.
      Thanks a bunch for checking out this photo! 🙂

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