Breakfast To Go

A great egret flies across the marsh pond during the early morning hours with a fresh caught fish. Normally birds like egrets will gulp down a fish right at the spot where they caught it, but sometimes, when so many are after the same thing, it’s wiser to go with take away! 

Breakfast To Go

24 thoughts on “Breakfast To Go

  1. Smart move! I see his feet are not yet streamlined — this must have been a bit after he took off. Bet he can’t wait to get that fresh treat down!

    • He did just take off and in a hurry too! There were several other egrets and some great blue herons in the area all of which would be happy to take away the fish.

    • I’m happy you liked this egret shot Maggie! Oh he ended up eating the fish himself, he just wanted to move to a more quiet and secure location without the vultures (other egrets and herons) staring at him. 🙂

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