I Don’t Think Mom Was In A Good Mood This Morning…

It was a beautiful, warm sunny morning today and I went over to the swamp to see if any alligators might be out enjoying the Spring weather. Upon initial arrival I didn’t see any gators at all, but when I went over to the area where mom had been keeping watch over her little ones this past fall, I found her tucked back in among the reeds.

At first she was just napping but after a short time she woke up and kind of glared at me. Perhaps she remembered me from a previous encounter where she was not extremely thrilled with me hanging around and pointing a camera at her babies.

But in any case I did not get the impression she was in a particularly happy mood despite the gorgeous weather. It could be that she is just hungry after not eating all winter, I know that would ruin my mood for sure! 

Mom in Swamp

20 thoughts on “I Don’t Think Mom Was In A Good Mood This Morning…

    • She did have a bit of a look on her face didn’t she?!?
      It’s good to be out especially with the weather so pleasant. These past few days are about the best I’ve been feeling in a month.

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