More Pelican Fun!

Those pelicans always seem to be up to something, and it’s often quite comical. This juvenile brown pelican dropped into the marsh right at the same time as a cormorant surfaced. The youngster seemed quite surprised and possibly even happy to see the cormorant and may have just found his new best friend! 

Pelican Drops in on Cormorant

Pelican Drops in on Cormorant

Pelican Drops in on Cormorant

33 thoughts on “More Pelican Fun!

  1. They are really acknowledging one another here. Got a kick out of that last photo in the series especially – really cute guys.

  2. Making me laugh! Yes, the youngster looks like a gambolling puppy who’s found another being to play with … though the cormorant doesn’t look quite so excited by the prospect, I must say! That middle shot is priceless! 🙂

    • The young pelican does look a lot more excited over potentially having a new friend to play with while as you say the cormorant looks a little less enthused. It was fun to see though. 🙂

    • It funny how close they are and it always amazes me how different species will sometimes interact. Birds that can’t get along with each will be fine with a bird of another variety.

  3. Great Shots, it always amazes me how you get these pictures, right then and there, thats the best photography, the unexpected, but cant always carry around a heavy camera for that, i guess thats why now there are some good shots you can get on phones and the smaller cameras, because you never know what you can see…Your work is pretty amazing, and it seems they like you because they dont go away when you come in that close, pelicans are pretty cool though, they dont mind how close you get sometimes….great shots…

    • The unexpected or unusual shots is what I strive for and always hope to be able to present. Of course I have my share of standard flight shots etc. too but I enjoy it when I can show a somewhat different aspect of bird or animal behavior.
      Thanks very much for looking and commenting and I’m happy you enjoy the photos!

    • You are right and that’s actually kind of funny, I would have thought the cormorant would have been a little more shocked or surprised. Guess this one was easy going. 🙂

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