Well Somebody Looks Happy!

The warmer Spring temps always bring out a few alligators who are anxious to soak up a little sun after a cold, grey winter. This young alligator seems quite happy to be out enjoying his day. I really liked how the bright blue sky is reflecting on his wet hide while the sunshine lights up his eye! 

Gator Head Marsh Pond

30 thoughts on “Well Somebody Looks Happy!

    • I’ve been going through alligator withdrawal! (Also weird to type) We woke up to frost this morning. 😯 which I’m sure through the whole damn thing off schedule. Stupid cold. 😦

    • I don’t know the last time he had a meal but I do know that a happy alligator is a good alligator. 🙂
      Thanks a million for checking out the photos and glad you like them.

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