Afternoon Spear Fishing

Earlier today I was watching this anhinga plucking small fish out of the marsh pond. The anhinga is a water bird that fishes by swimming under water and spearing fish on the end of it’s very sharp bill. This guy caught three or four of these fish before hopping out to dry off his wings.

Anhinga Afternoon Fishing

Anhinga Afternoon Fishing

Anhinga Afternoon Fishing

25 thoughts on “Afternoon Spear Fishing

    • I have not seen any birds like ospreys plucking big fish out of the marsh pond area, I’m wondering if the cold winter we had cut down on the fish population and it’s mostly only the smaller and new hatches left now.

    • That was a surprisingly colorful fish! These are the birds that flip the fish in mid air to swallow it head first on the way down. In ths case the anhinga did its job but I missed it because I went OOF just at the key moment. I am the worst.

      Hey I might have a flower shot for you tomorrow!

  1. I guess he doesn’t have to learn how to use chopsticks! Wonderful closeups, and the anhinga is so pretty. So is the little fish :/ . 🙂

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