“See Anything?” “No, Not Yet”

Little Blue and Snowball were hunting this afternoon among the oyster beds in the salt marsh during low tide. The little blue heron was there first and perhaps the snowy egret thought the heron had found some hot fishing area so he decided to join the little blue.

They did have some success, and each ended up catching quite a few small minnows and shrimp. One interesting aspect of these birds is that little blue herons are all white as juveniles and look almost identical to snowy egrets.

Little Blue and Snowy

32 thoughts on ““See Anything?” “No, Not Yet”

    • It was a lovely afternoon out at the salt marsh (if not just a bit too breezy) 🙂 More of the same is expected today and I plan to head back over later.
      Thanks Maggie!

    • Glad you liked it Sylvia. And yes these two were getting along just fine which was something the snowy was incapable of doing with another snowy that was nearby. But that’s typical snowy behavior.
      There was also a GBH in the area that got tired of them fishing in ‘his’ marsh so he sent them all off.

  1. They look very absorbed in their common task. It would be interesting to see a juvenile blue heron next to a snowy 🙂 Amazing and amusing shot, Phil 🙂

    • Their attention most certainly was fixed n the task at hand which was fishing.
      I’m sure I have photos in my files of snowys and a juvenile LBH together. I’ll see if I can dig one up.

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