Weekend Snacking

Weekends are often a great time for many of us to enjoy some tasty snacks. This past weekend I watched an anhinga taking full advantage of snack time by spearing, and then flipping some small fish snacks into the air and then catching them on the way down.

The anhinga is a bird who knows how to turn snack time into fun time!

Anhinga Snacking

Anhinga Snacking

Anhinga Snacking

Anhinga Snacking

45 thoughts on “Weekend Snacking

  1. You know those “live chefs” who chop, dice, and cook right in front of you?! Wow, amazing capture, beautiful eyes, and I bet he was really enjoying that snack!

  2. Utterly magical timing…. both your catch and the anhinga’s. I’m waiting for the video of you and the M&Ms… 😛
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Great Shots, still want to know how do you get in so close!!! Are you really that close to him!!! Beautiful Bird and great action shots…

  4. Thanks for handing me your card when I was attempting to capture some of the beauty-on-the-wing on the Causeway a week or so ago. This anhinga series is such fun!
    I’ll be checking in often to enjoy (and get inspired by) your outstanding shots, Phil. There’s definitely a new lens in my future!

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