Lurking In The Swamp

Earlier today I was over by the swamp watching this alligator that I knew was up to something. The weather has been heating up which means the alligators are starting to get hungry.

That could be bad news for the coots and moorhens which are still floating around casually in the swamp. They are still operating under winter conditions…which means the alligators are not feeding. But things have definitely changed as I watched this big guy stalk a moorhen and at one point it lunged at a green heron that was minding it’s own business.

Spring is here and the birds better start being more alert if they know what’s good for them! 

Alligator Lurking in the Swamp

Alligator Lurking in the Swamp

20 thoughts on “Lurking In The Swamp

    • I often have to keep a close watch on where I’m walking, they have been known to take a little stroll around the area and you never know what might be lurking in the weeds.

    • Oh absolutely! After I left yesterday I got a report that one crawled up out of the marsh pond and walked right across the causeway like he owned the place. And in some ways he sorta does.

    • I can’t avoid them. I’m under contract to take a minimum amount of alligator photos and if I don’t they get very upset and that’s not good for anybody. 😀

  1. He sure does look like he’s on the prowl. Really like how you captured his blending, and the lurk factor….

    • No you are much smarter then that, you would have already left for someplace nice and warm that features waterfront bar and snack service.
      And I’m not sharing my Prime steaks and good quality whiskey with that big dumb swamp lizard!
      (Notice how brave I am when he’s not around?)

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