Late Evening Swim

An alligator glides slowly through the widgeon grass just prior to sunset in the marsh pond tonight.

Alligator Silhouette Evening in Marsh Pond

25 thoughts on “Late Evening Swim

    • Thanks a million, I appreciate your reaction to this photo because that’s the impression I was hoping to capture. I was walking away from this guy when I turned around and noticed what the back lit setting sunlight was doing to the scene and grabbed just a couple shots before a cloud changed everything.

    • I believe they are indeed on high alert. We have had five swans in the pond for almost two months but once the alligators started to get active those swans wisely left in a hurry. I suspect it was the first time they ever saw alligators.

    • It actually was quite peaceful Steve. This guy was just floating along minding his own business and enjoying his evening. Well, at least that’s what I think he was doing.

  1. Man, wasn’t it dangerous to take this picture? Your comment sounds like a beginning of a story. How does it continue?

    • Not at all dangerous. Alligators like this are not aggressive toward people and this one would likely prefer I wasn’t even around. They mostly just wish to be left alone.
      This was how I left him last night so I suspect the story will continue today.
      Thanks for looking!

    • Well it truly was a peaceful scene. That alligator wasn’t bothering anybody including some baby gators I saw out there and a few green and tricolor herons. All enjoyed a quiet evening.

  2. Glad he didn’t look like he was focused directly toward you for a last snack prior to the sun disappearing!

    The water looks like liquid giitter. He’s quite a contrast to that! 🙂

    • He was not interested in me at all, in fact he likely was if anything, hoping I would go away.
      The water does get interesting and colorful during the evening and I’m not sure why it gets this way but I have seen that many times.

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