Osprey On Alert

An osprey keeps an alert eye out for a potential fish in the marsh pond down below. A light grey, overcast sky in the background combined with the exposure gave this flight a high key, almost studio shot appearance.

Osprey Flight Against Grey Sky

32 thoughts on “Osprey On Alert

  1. Wonderful capture, he looks like he ‘s out to embrace you, Phil. A very comforting thought. I have been traveling a lot and I’m not up to date; I hope you are alright, dear friend.
    Best wishes, Dina

    • Thank you much for your very kind words and support Dina, it’s greatly appreciated.
      For these past several days I’ve actually been feeling better then I have in months. Maybe things are finally looking up!
      Also thanks for checking out this osprey photo!

  2. Very beautiful shot!! I face the problem of shadows in the underside of wings while shooting birds overhead. How do you get such nice detail in the wings?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked this osprey shot!
      I shoot in manual mode and generally under expose a shot like this. Almost any auto mode will likely expose more for the sky and let the bird go too dark. It can be tough though, even more so when you get a bird like a bald eagle where you want his white head to look nice but don’t want his wings too dark.

  3. Hello Phil. Are there regular osprey activities at the ponds yet? I have been waiting for them to come back so I can make a trip there. Thanks.

    • Recently they have been fairly active not only around the pond but in the salt marsh as well once the tide and water level is up enough. There is also still the eagle pair lurking nearby waiting to pounce the osprey if it catches a fish.

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