One Last Fish…

A great egret silhouetted by setting sunlight plucks one last fish out of the marsh pond yesterday evening before finally calling it a night…

Sunset Silhouette of Egret Fishing

35 thoughts on “One Last Fish…

  1. Wow, even the little snack shows against that lovely warm background. Love the reflection in the water, too. Smiling!

    • This egret had the right idea. While many of his friends were struggling in the salt marsh he was calmly snagging nice smaller fish in the pond area. I just moved with him trying to keep the sunset lighting in the proper spot behind him. A nice cooperative bird!

  2. So Beautiful, can you tell me how you get such great close-ups???? I’ve been trying with my Nikkon and the closer I get the more blur it gets, yours is magnificient, and the great part is it doesnt look like there is any photoshop in it, its stunning.

    • I am fortunate Linda that much of the wildlife such as the egrets and herons allow me to approach fairly closely, and they ignore me for the most part which is how I like it. So this also enables me to shoot with a 300 (with a 1.4 extender) meaning I don’t absolutely require a big long lens.
      I constantly check focus and settings while keeping an eye on both the subject in front of me, plus on whatever else might suddenly show up.
      There is probably more concentration then most people think.
      I also do only very minimal post processing in photoshop, just minor tweaks.
      Thanks as always for checking out my photos!

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