Incoming Flight

A brown pelican comes cruising in from beyond the reeds of the salt marsh. These big birds take up a lot of airspace and generally get immediate clearance to land!

Brown Pelican Flight In From The Marsh

12 thoughts on “Incoming Flight

  1. Phil, you always capture great shots, how about letting me know what size lens do you use, and buy who. It’s always a pleasure to get a daily does of one of your pics…………..thanks

  2. Amazing shot considering the bird was flying toward you. This is a pretty unique angle, and one I rarely see others achieve successfully.

  3. Great photo! Love the yellow heads in cooler months. So glad the brown pelicans have made a successful comeback along the Strand. Remember when sightings were few and far between, now they are a daily joy to behold. Thanks for sharing another awesome bird!

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