Not Feeling Well…

I have been feeling quite ill these past few days and unfortunately I haven’t been able to spend much time in blog world…

Right now I look about as roughed up as this poor great blue heron, although I don’t think my eyes are quite as bright.

I’m looking forward to being up and about soon. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Not Feeling Well

42 thoughts on “Not Feeling Well…

  1. Phil, I am so sorry you are “under the weather” right now but hope that whatever it is will go away soon and you can do again what you love most . Get a good rest – a break will do you some good. We will be waiting for you :). Carina

  2. I’m terribly sorry to read this, Phil. I sincerely hope you’ll be back on your feet again soon, that’s quite some time passed by feeling that roughed up now. No doubt the bad days feel even longer when you can’ move around like you want to. Now don’t you waste one thought about us, make sure you do what makes you happy and if possible, speed up that recovery a little bit.

  3. So sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well Phil and hope you’re up an about soon. I’m out of comission myself after not quite making over the dog gate and already having a bad back. Poor TJ, just when a nice weekend comes up. This guy may be a bit shaggy, but still beautiful. 🙂

  4. Well buddy I hope you get well soon, we miss you at the Hog, as well as your great work from the “SWAMP”. Take care and get back soon, One Camera One Lens………………..

  5. Come to think of it, the Blue Heron kind of looks like my ex after a tough Saturday night…………….lol

  6. Hope this finds you feeling a bit better! That poor guy in the photo (he looks kind of like me)! It is so frustrating when we can’t do the things we like. May both of you be feeling good very soon!

  7. Take care of yourself first Phil. We have all been there before. They can’t keep a good man like you down for long. I will be waiting for your return my friend how ever long it takes. I am a Nature photographer in Anderson sc. And shoot a lot in the Blue Ridge Mts. I get to the coast a couple times a year. I love my birds and nature photography.
    Get well soon my friend and I will be waiting for your return. I wish I was there to fill in for you.

  8. Was hoping your absence was due to a vacation or something else that involved fun. Sorry to hear of your illness. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Spent the day honing my photo skills – it will be decades before I am worthy of filling in for you – but I have been told I am a pretty awesome RN.

  9. Hey Phil, am really hoping you feel better soon. Praying that this bug or whatever it is would leave you very soon, and for strength and enthusiasm to lift you right back. Your gift and skill in capturing what is truly beautiful, beyond the plain eye, are outstanding! Here’s trusting you’ll get back to doing what you do best – in no time.

  10. Hi Phil- I haven’t seen you on the causeway, and now I know why. Hope you feel better soon cuz the spoonies and woodstorks will be here soon! 🙂

  11. Oh Phil, please take care of yourself, take it slow and easy, for as long as you need. So sorry to hear that you’re unwell. That GBH looks like he must be feeling your pain! Best, Babsje

  12. Sorry to hear your not feeling, well, looks like your friend missed you too!!!!…Still a great picture, and very sharp and close, no blur there, Get well soon, we all need you,!!!! and missed you!!!…

  13. Sending thoughts and prayers you’re feeling better as each day passes, and hoping you’re looking a little better now than that poor GBH. Boy, he had a rough time on the town for sure! 🙂 Speedy recovery, Phil!

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