Popular Spot

Two days ago this stump out in the salt marsh seemed to be *the* hot spot for several of the wading birds. First it was claimed by an egret who stood there for a while watching his friend fish. Then he was evicted by a different egret who immediately attracted the attention of a great blue heron.

Well naturally the heron wanted the stump, if for no other reason then he didn’t want the egret to have it. However, the blue heron could not quite fit properly standing at the very top the way the egret did, so he moved down to the lower level where he proceeded to watch an egret fish.

This did not prove to be quite as exciting as the heron hoped and he quickly became bored and as you can see in the 13 second video below, he left the area to pursue some excitement elsewhere.

Popular Spot

Popular Spot

Popular Spot

Popular Spot

40 thoughts on “Popular Spot

  1. Thanks so much for the GBH video, Phil. 🙂 When I was a kid, we had a rhyme which we chanted at our opponents in a game. “I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal. ” Your pics reminded me of this. 😀

    • Well those goofy birds are like a bunch of kids out there sometimes, and at least as comical to observe.
      Thanks for checking this out Sylvia and glad you liked that short flight vid.

  2. Now the sea gulls scene from the movie “Nemo” won’t leave my head: “Mine…mine…mine…mine…mine!” …By the way, just noticing based on your narration of time – that not 2 days after you posted how horribly sick you were, you were right back on the marsh to capture the hilarity of these birds. Whatever happened to easing back in?!

    • Guilty as charged. I was *supposed* to take it easy and ease back in and in fact my wife came close to hiding the car keys on me. But… I went out anyway even though I shouldn’t have. Oh well, I’m a bad boy sometimes.
      I stayed in yesterday though. 🙂 Today, well, it’s still early. 🙂

  3. Looks very much like a playground turf war:) Thanks for today’s photographic entertainment, Phil! Loved the video clip!

  4. Pretty bizarre to think they fight over a stump so they could watch someone fish! No wonder you like to watch their antics – you never know what’s coming. And that’s when the gator clears it out.

    • The funny thing is that the stupid stump is always there and 99% of the time they ignore it. But once one bird decides that’s the place to be then they all have to take a turn standing on it even if it means evicting a current occupant.
      It would actually be a pretty good spot for a bird to stand and watch an alligator from the relative safety of the penthouse suite.

  5. I was smiling. Two images down it looks like the heron is plotting. Three images down he looks embarrassed. Four images down he looks disgusted. What a range of emotion – great captures. We have that up here too, a popular log they all want. I am going to have to pay more attention to all the birds playing musical log.

    • What makes the whoe situation even more comical and bewildering is how these birds can fish in the same area all the time and pay no attention to this stump or any other perch. But then one day they all decide they just *have* to stand on it. Once one does, they all have too. 🙂 A real flock mentality at work.

    • It is a fun and interesting location. We have the salt marsh just across from a large marsh pond, plus the beach and swamp areas so several different environments all close together.
      Glad you enjoyed the photos!

    • Sometimes they can all fish and get along just fine, other times one cannot tolerate the mere presence of another.
      It can be fun to observe the different behavior and personalities of the various species.

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