The Lovely Mrs. Anhinga

Earlier in the week I saw this female anhinga drying her wings along the edge of the marsh pond. I quickly noticed she displayed the bright ‘eye makeup’ colors that indicate breeding condition. The males also will display a similar color pattern at this time of year but I thought the Mrs. looked particularly fashionable all decked out with her formal makeup applied!

Around this same time another female came flying in and I grabbed a shot for comparison. You can see this lady is not in breeding color so perhaps her turn will come next season. 

Mrs Anhinga

Mrs Anhinga

Mrs Anhinga

Mrs Anhinga

61 thoughts on “The Lovely Mrs. Anhinga

  1. Wow, she is absolutely stunning! Hopefully this means some baby anhingas in the future!
    Anhingas always make me think of my orals exam, when one of my committee members asked me “What bird has the same common name as both the words of its scientific name?” The answer is the Anhinga, scientific name: Anhinga anhinga!

    • She really is quite the looker, and it could for sure mean little tiny baby anhingas soon! 🙂
      Thanks very much for that info about the anhinga’s scientific name, I did not realize that.
      Anhinga anhinga, that’s quite remarkable!

    • She is one gorgeous babe, Phil! This is one case in nature when the lady gets to flaunt some color (unlike with the female cardinal and peahen)
      And, thank you, toughlittlebirds, for the wonderful scientific background on her name. That’s very cool to know!

  2. How bewitching! No male Anhinga can resist that! What colors will the male exhibit in response? (If the colors are subtly similar, how can one distinguish?) It would be electrifying to see the courtship dance for sure.

    • Glad you enjoyed these anhinga pics!
      The male’s breeding colors around the eyes are similar but the male has a black neck as opposed to the buff colored neck of the female (and also the juvenile).
      See this post from last month of the pair together. 🙂

    • Jeez I wonder what that would do to a girl’s hormones, being in 365 breeding?
      But yes, the added benefit of your makeup always on and always looking perfect is a key aspect for sure, I would expect.

    • I bet there are plenty of women who would pay big bucks to have that snazzy eye makeup permanently tattoo’d around their eyes.
      Glad you liked seeing our local fashion icon.

  3. I believe I’ve heard of women actually paying big bucks to have their makeup tattoo’d on. I believe someone would have to pay me to do it and even then, I’m not too sure….. Mrs Anh has the right idea doing it all natural. 🙄

  4. She is stunning! Also enjoyed the Mr & Mrs you posted earlier. Have only found one female near me so far on the NC coast and she is quite shy. Not sure if it’s because she is too young for makeup or she is embarrassed to be seen without any (some of us females just can’t go anywhere without a little enhancement). Glad to see you are back at the salt marsh. Hope this means you are in full recovery mode!

    • Well I’m at maybe 70% right now and still dragging a bit but I’m hoping to be back at full strength soon.
      I was out today and saw a couple of unadorned females and one brightly colored male that hid behind some brush and wouldn’t allow me any photo ops. Oh well, next time.

    • Those eyes really do stand out and can be spotted from a distance. I saw a couple today but only the male was in full breeding color and he would not cooperate and come out into the open for photo ops. I’ll get him next time though. 🙂

    • They are quite nice looking birds at this time of year for sure. I saw a male in breeding color yesterday but he stayed back behind the brush. Got a few flight shots though.

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