Anhinga, anhingha

The Anhinga is one of the few birds whose common name and scientific name are the same. Not only that but its genus and species are the same, Anhinga anhinga. It might be thought of as the bird’s first and last name.

With that in mind… here are two anhingas fishing this morning. The anhinga hunts by swimming under water and spearing a fish on the end of it’s sharp bill. It then must get the fish off it’s bill to eat it, so the anhinga does that by flipping the fish up into the air for a head first swallow.

Anhinga Fishing

Anhinga Fishing

Anhinga Fishing

Anhinga Fishing

Anhinga Fishing

33 thoughts on “Anhinga, anhingha

  1. This is an absolutely amazing series of photos. Your sports photography skills are especially evident. I have been doing the Tuesday morning alligator tours at Huntington and i make sure I give everyone your blog information. Just spectacular work! Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

  2. And they gobble the whole thing with glee!! I can’t even do that successfully with my popcorn *sigh*. Thank you for making them such a joy to behold.

  3. Captured perfectly to illustrate Anhinga anhinga’s habits. That is really something! All focus is on that snack — those beautiful eyes! 🙂

    • You must have missed my candy popping post, I’m pretty sure I put that one up. Humm… maybe it was accidentally deleted. I shall initiate a full investigation immediately.
      Glad you liked the anhinga show!

    • I don’t know how all you guys could have possibly missed that and I also can’t figure out where it went. Must be a WordPress glitch. I’m pretty expert at M&M tossing but have yet to get the head first fish toss down. The anhinga still rules that world!

  4. Great Shots, you do beautiful work, and, as always get these beautiful creatures just at the right moment. Your photography is amazing, and so are all the animals, birds, this bird has the most amazing eyes, and love these shots of him trying to get that fish, wow, you have to be really on your toes to get those.

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