“Radar” Is Not Happy

Many of you will remember seeing “Radar”, the great egret that has a transmitter pack attached to his back with antennas sticking out. Well earlier this afternoon he wanted to fish in his usual spot at the edge of the salt marsh except someone else was already there!

Radar was not at all pleased that an alligator decided to nap in his favorite fishing hole and thought that possibly a vigorous display of wing flapping might send the intruder off.

Apparently the alligator was not aware that Radar is head bird out there, or more likely he didn’t care because a short time later it was Radar who was gone while the unimpressed gator continued on with his afternoon nap.

Radar and Alligator

Radar and Alligator

Radar and Alligator

16 thoughts on ““Radar” Is Not Happy

  1. Phil, I was just actually savoring all your marvelous action pictures posted in your rich archive. It’s like the Louvre of marsh life! One needs to dedicate some good quality time soaking them all in. Had the pleasure of meeting Radar there; what a comical fella’! So how long is he supposed to keep his antenna? Hopefully he caught some good fishin’ where he went.

    • Well I greatly appreciate your very kind comments, thanks much!
      From what I understand, that antenna pack will stay on Radar until… the end. I guess that’s pretty much his role in the study.
      He did get some fish but he was distracted much of the time.

    • No it does not, and it’s only getting worse. At one point Radar did make a big deal out of chasing off one snowy egret.
      But even the snowy just ended up coming back and finally Radar gave up and took off. He needs some new, more intimidating tactics.

  2. Seems like alligators have grown in their population, was reading an article about it, soon they will be in nyc..crocks are in the ocean I heard, but never saw one when i was in Florida, love your pictures, they are really something.

    • Alligator populations are up in places where people don’t kill them. I think they might find NY to be a bit on the cold side though. Ours here are spoiled, they complain if temps are not at least in the 80s. 🙂
      Glad you enjoy the photos!

    • We had a few cool, windy, cloudy days in a row and that gator was not about to give up a cozy spot in the warm sun for anybody. Radar might be better off sticking to chasing off other egrets until his rep gets built back up.

  3. Well, against a big alligator, I’m not sure Mr. R’s displays would get the desired result. Mr. R was just flapping away, wasn’t he?! Poor guy, if even other birds aren’t intimidated by him anymore.

    • It’s funny how many times I have seen birds like egrets and big herons raise a fuss over an alligator but the results are pretty much always the same. The alligator ignores the display and goes right on doing whatever he wants to do.
      Doesn’t stop a guy from trying though, but Radar should probably concentrate more on intimidating other birds for now.

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