Good Friends?!

Two alligators enjoying a relaxing morning out on a little island in the marsh pond this morning.

I thought it was so cute that they were holding hands, uh I mean paws, uh I mean feet… uh whatever.  🙂

A Couple of Friends

46 thoughts on “Good Friends?!

    • They do *almost* look cuddly! 🙂 It was funny because they only stayed like this for a couple minutes, then they both woke up and realized they were touching (Yikes) and went off into the water in separate directions.

  1. Totally unique, I think. At least I’ve not seen such affectionate gators before….well, pictures that is as we don’t see many in the swamps up here. 🙂 Sweet shot, Phil.

    • So you don’t think it’s a good idea that I have been telling tourists lately that those are just fake rubber alligators and you can go out and squeeze their nose to find out? 🙂
      Glad you liked this photo!

  2. Most people don’t use the word “cute” when they talk about alligators! Thank you for spreading the word that alligators can be endearing!

  3. Best friends! This is the sweetest photo. 🙂 It’s like they knew they had the perfect little piece of basking ground, with the complementary greenery in the backgroud. 🙂 They look really realaxed, and very cute.

  4. I LOVE THIS SHOT! What a hoot!!! Thanks for posting. May I use this photo as an object lesson image on “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” for those people up in Congress? *sigh*…

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