Time To Leave

Our surprise pink April visitor spent a couple of hours feeding in the salt marsh among the oyster beds yesterday afternoon. Finally he was full and decided it was time to leave, so he jumped off and flew across the marsh reeds heading for a quiet spot back in the swamp for a pleasant nap. 

Spoonbill Leaving the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Leaving the Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Leaving the Salt Marsh

41 thoughts on “Time To Leave

    • Did you want to hopefully see the spoonbill? There is only the one. He seems to prefer the front end of low tide in the salt marsh. Low tide tomorrow is approx. 3:15pm but this morning he was in the pond earlier. So I would suggest showing up at mid to late morning and look for him in the pond first but then he will likely be in the salt marsh as the tide drops so around noon maybe. Wood storks and egrets and herons should be around then too and the pond is currently stuffed with alligators. I should be there late morning I expect. Have fun!

  1. I usually do not comment in blogs, but this is simply beautiful. The title name and the picture syncs poetically.

  2. What a natural beauty!! Gosh, when I think about all the money we women spend on our hairdos…
    Great, absolutely wonderful shots, Phil. Hope you’re feeling well.
    Dina x

        • It is unpleasant and at one point in the middle of the night before I found out what was bothering me I thought I was having a heart attack! Scary stuff but I’m feeling better now and still heading out to the marsh every chance I get. I can’t disappoint the alligators. 🙂

  3. We ought to give this guy a name :D! Smart and spunky, by getting to the Marsh first before all the spoonie friends, s/he is basking in all the food…and attention…this paradise dotes on him!

    • Well we are 90% sure this is our favorite dysfunctional spoonbill from last summer, “Mr. Cranky”
      He likes it here, he is getting plenty to eat and actually seems to be fine with all the attention so hopefully he sticks around!

    • We think he left last night. No one has seen him at all today. I’ll go back tomorrow to look again but I suspect that’s it for now. Could be June until we see more but you never know.
      I’m glad I got tons of shots of him while he was here though. 🙂

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