Yesterday afternoon we had a couple of Black-necked Stilts make a brief appearance in the marsh pond. I always love seeing these squeaky little guys with their bobble heads and long, gangly, bubble gum pink legs.

You can see how a stilt is much smaller then a great egret and of course a lazy young alligator had to be present on the scene as well.

It’s a treat to see these fun and interesting birds and we were happy they decided to drop in for a visit!

Stilt in Marsh Pond

Stilt in Marsh Pond

Stilt in Marsh Pond

Stilt in Marsh Pond

24 thoughts on “Stilts

    • We don’t even really see them very often and almost every time I do see some they won’t come in close.
      I saw two again today and got better pics. Oh well maybe I’ll post them later in the week.
      I also think our pink friend has left.

  1. They really are quite small. I love the gangly legs. I see Junior A is learning to lurk – he is very pretty.

    • Mr. A Jr. *is* indeed learning to lurk. He is out there now with about 15 of his ‘friends’ and he’s taking notes on how to be a big boy some day.
      The stilts do have impossible legs, they can be hysterical!

    • Those goofy pink legs shouldn’t be possible in nature yet here they are. It’s very amusing seeing these guys who also make the funniest squeaky sounds when they fly around.

    • We do see them occasionally but not very often and when I do see some they rarely come in close.
      I saw a mated pair again today (they almost always travel in pairs) and I got lucky, they came in even closer. 🙂

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