Sometimes It’s Best Not To Complain Too Much

Yesterday afternoon this egret was fishing in the marsh pond, but he wasn’t alone. One of our resident alligators was also looking for fish in the same area, which annoyed the egret tremendously. The bird decided to loudly let the alligator know how he felt about the intrusion and the alligator responded by lifting up his head and letting the egret know who was really in charge around here.

But to make matters even worse for the egret, the gator called over a few of his friends just in case any further discussion was required. At one point there were five alligators surrounding the bird but I couldn’t fit them all in the picture.

However…if you think this intimidated the egret into leaving you would be incorrect. This bird quite possibly might have more nerve then sense because he never left the area, he just kept right on fishing. Surprisingly, this tactic ended up being ultimately successful as the alligators eventually moved away and left him alone to continue fishing.

This scene was 100% back lit so I elected to go with a semi silhouette look on the exposures, not much else I could do.

Egret and Alligator

Egret and Alligator

Egret and Alligator

Egret and Alligator

Egret and Alligator


30 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Best Not To Complain Too Much

  1. Wow, I hope the egret got out ok, imagine how he felt being surrounded by so many alligators???? Alot of alligators around that marsh, in Florida theres a place called Alligator Alley, but never once did i ever see one, its just a strip of road that goes from the east coast to the west coast, its seems that marsh should be called called that too…so many of them…wow. great shots though…i dont want to ask what happened to the bird?

    • Right now we have alligators all over the place, and they are all hungry. Lucky for the birds at least for now, the gators seem to mostly just be interested in fish.
      Glad you liked these pics!

    • I suspect that attitude will only get him so far and I’m not sure if (or how) the birds know that for right now at least, the alligators are concentrating of fish and not a bird meal. Although, if a gator wanted one of these birds it would likely go into stealth mode and approach slowly and silently under water rather then float right out in the open like these guys are doing.
      Yeah the back light… I had a choice of just walking away or trying to make the best of it. I knew it wouldn’t be great but hoped it got the idea across.

  2. That’s hilarious!!! Love the story. So, I suppose who’s really the boss here? Being resolute and fearless is the key. Flappe ye’re wings dere laddy!

  3. Brave this egret !!!! Amazing that at the end, the bird win !!!!!
    In back light it is good as well, it gives an great ambiance, and we do as we can with animals 😉
    Have a nice day Phil

    • I’m happy you enjoyed these Maggie and I think we have a little of both with this bird. He is brave and angry at the alligators too. Maybe not a good combination for an egret.

    • I was surprised how determined that egret was not to lose his spot to those pesky gators! It worked out OK for the egret this time but maybe it was because the gators only wanted fish…for now.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and images Steve. It was pretty funny how that egret would not leave his spot and got even more annoyed when at one point he was surrounded by five alligators. I think the alligators were even a bit surprised, they had funny looks on their faces. Well it’s hard to tell but you get the idea. 🙂

    • Even when at one point the egret was surrounded by five alligators he would not give up his spot. He found it, he wanted it. It worked out OK this time, but who knows next time?!

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