Spoonie And Snowball

This past weekend our surprise pink April visitor was out busily working the salt marsh at low tide. Then at one point he also had a friend join him when a snowy egret decided that the spoonbill must be on to some good fishing. Snowball quickly got with the program and when he spotted a small fish, he blew right past spoonie kicking up water as he marched himself along the marsh! 

Spoonie and Snowball

Spoonie and Snowball

Spoonie and Snowball

Spoonie and Snowball

Spoonie and Snowball

52 thoughts on “Spoonie And Snowball

  1. Don’t you just love the quizzical look the spoonie is giving the egret? It’s a real “All this rushing about, when you can just stand here and let the fish come to you!”

    • That goofy spoonie makes so many comical faces which is a big reason I take so many photos of him. Every time he lifts up his head and gives me the ‘I’m so cute’ look I just snap away.
      Snowys always seem to be rushing around like their tails are on fire. 🙂

  2. I’m guessing that the spoonbill doesn’t care if a little mud is kicked up by the snowy. What’s a little more mud in his food?

    • Yeah they seem to consume their fair share of mud along with the little fish and shrimp they scoop up. I was actually surprised the spoonbill put up with that snowy picking around in his area, normally that gets a snowy a good bite on the tail.

    • Glad you liked our funny pair out there Amy! I still can’t believe that spoonie put up with snowball for that long. Usually the spoonbills are a lot more twitchy about sharing their space.

  3. Beautiful shots, beautiful birds, the spoonie looks like a flamingo except with a different nose!!! The colors are amazing, glad there werent any alligators there!!!… :-)))

    • Normally a snowy coming over to pick around in the exact same space as a spoonie qualifies the snowy for an instant bite on the tail. But somehow they got along this time. I believe it was happy hour but even better because it was free shrimp appetizer day at the marsh! Woo Hoo!

  4. I think that definitely proves that isn’t Mr Cranky or that Snowy would have had several bites on the butt. It was almost like he was asking for it! 🙄

    • We were 90% sure this was Mr. Cranky from last summer but yes our well known dysfunctional friend would surely have given that snowy a good nip on the tail for pulling this move. Unless… being in breeding condition has mellowed our boy out. Could be those hormones are making him Mr. Happy! 🙂

    • Those was a fun, goofy pair to watch Steve, especially when that snowy (which are usually very nervous birds) started going through his whole routine. Nutty birds.

  5. So not far that spoonie seems to be hinding from my camera. If it where not for your pictures I would not get to see it in breeding colors. Thanks Phil for your my morning coffee site.

  6. Big spoonie has some entertaining expressions. I love that third shot in this series! Even Mr. Spoonie’s eyes look soft here.

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