Last Fish For The Night

Egret snags one last fish out of the marsh before calling it a night. I guess somebody had to be last and this poor fish was the unfortunate victim.

Egret Fishing Late Evening

18 thoughts on “Last Fish For The Night

  1. Exquisite shot Phil, great expressions, beautiful texture & detail! While the egret is obviously delighted with his big catch, I wonder what the fish is saying to himself. Come to think of it, most of the shots we see anywhere are of the predators and less of the prey – and never think much about it…

  2. Even though it is always a mistake to attach human emotions or feelings to a non-human animal, the fixed stare of a fish, especially in this predicament, always evokes an empathy for its plight. Beautiful capture, Phil…and Egret, too.
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  3. Yikes! But that is a fantastic photo, and love the detail! Great focus in Mr. E’s eyes — understandable at such a nice little meal. 🙂 Mr. Small Fish realizes it too, poor guy.

    • Oops. Uh oh. A close up of a poor little fishie face on Mother’s Day!? Yikes, what was I thinking?!
      Hope his little brothers and sisters make up for his, um, er, absence.

      • Hehehe. I’m still making up my mind whether to forgive you or not, Phil. I’m sure it was unintentional, and you never thought of what it might do to my psyche to see that poor little fishie. 🙂 I’m sort of just getting over it.

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