The Patented Anhinga Fish Flip!

Earlier today I was watching this anhinga fishing in the marsh pond. The anhinga is one of my all time favorite bird actions to observe and photograph.

Anhingas swim under water and spear the fish on the end of their very sharp bills, and then they flip the fish off launching it airborne and catching it head first on the way down. These incredibly skilled and athletic birds never fail to amaze and entertain!

Anhinga Morning Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Morning Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Morning Fishing in Marsh Pond

Anhinga Morning Fishing in Marsh Pond

31 thoughts on “The Patented Anhinga Fish Flip!

  1. Amazing sequence of shots of a really talented bird. I am in awe of your ability to maintain a sharp focus on such a narrow object as the anhinga’s head and neck.

    • Thanks a million Mike I really appreciate the kind comments.
      I probably miss more shots of these guys then any other bird. They are fast, dark colored, small heads and skinny necks and shake all around when they catch a fish… tough to lock focus sometimes.

    • Hey thanks! Funny you should mention that about missing. There were two anhingas out this morning. This female and one male. I saw the male catch two fish, flip them up, and promptly lose them both. Then he jumped out of the water and just quit. I couldn’t believe it. At one point they were both back in fishing but I went with the percentages and stayed keyed in on the girl, she was on fire.

  2. I bet he could toss pizza dough, too. 🙂 What a great series! It makes sense he’d want his snack to go down the smooth way. 🙂

    • I have seen one swallow either a particularly large fish, or one that didn’t exactly go down the right way and then struggle with it for a while. It does not look comfortable.

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