Woody’s Evening In The Marsh

This wood stork flew into the salt marsh yesterday evening just prior to sunset and stayed around long enough to grab a quick bite to eat. Soon he was off again and likely headed out to follow the tide and the fish that would be coming in with it.

Wood Stork Fly and Feed

Wood Stork Fly and Feed

Wood Stork Fly and Feed

Wood Stork Fly and Feed

20 thoughts on “Woody’s Evening In The Marsh

    • Well they have a kind of prehistoric look to them and a face only a mother could love, but that’s also why I tend to find them rather endearing. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing this unusual bird!

  1. I am reminded of video I saw years ago of gooney birds, with their 3 foot wing span, coming in for a landing. How amazing the wood stork doesn’t crash land on his enormous beak every time!

  2. I love him. Woody would be welcome at our house any time! Great coloring on him, and love the reflection shot, and his souful eye(s) in the last shot.

    • Every once in a while we will have a wood stork visit the pond behind us but so far none have tried to come into the house. A young brown pelican though is another story… 🙂

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